Monday, January 17, 2011

SMART Time Management Goals

SMART Time Management Goals

Here is an acrostic to apply to your time management goals.
S=Specific-Your goals should be specific. General goals are too vague and will be difficult to define and actualize. Make your goal specific. Be direct in your target and you will know exactly what you are aiming for and you will know how to hit it, and you will know when the target has been hit. Be specific!

M=Measurable-Your goals should be measurable. It has been said that if it cannot be measured than it cannot be managed. Measurable goals are not only manageable but they are also methodical. When we set measurable goals we put a plan in place to reach the goal. Our goals should be set in such a way that they are time bound, task bound and target bound. Be measurable in your goal setting!

A=Attainable-Your goals should be attainable. When we set goals we should be fully confident that the goals that we set will be accomplished. It is easy to set goals that look good but simply have unrealistic expectations. These are not really goals but in most cases are dreams. We should set goals that we have every intention of reaching and we have set a course to with that very end in mind. In order to do this we should set goals that are attainable.

R=Relevant-Your goals should be relevant. Setting relevant goals means that we should set goals that will be meaningful and when the goal is achieved it will have a lasting impact upon our lives and upon the lives of those to whom we interact. Relevant goals are meaningful goals, significant goals, and useful goals. When we set goals we should look forward to their accomplishment with joy. The excitement of reaching these goals should encourage us as we methodically work our way towards their accomplishments.
T=time bound-This last point is the key to effective project management. The test of effective projects boils down to whether they were completed, but not just completed but how were they completed? Projects that are completed on time are successful projects. Our goals should be time bound and in this we are saying that the goals we set should be completed on time, or within the time we have set for the goal.

These are a few simple time management tips for setting goals. In review we should set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time sensitive. Applying these simple tips will enable us to be more effective as we set goals in life.

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info said...

Good stuff on SMART. I've heard it termed DUMB
D = doable; U = Understandable; M = Manageable; B = Beneficial. Same as SMART but a bit more rude!