Saturday, September 17, 2011

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A Rare Quality in Extraordinary Leaders

This is an article that I recently wrote. A Rare Quality in Extraordinary Leaders By Ken E Matthews A rare quality exhibited in the league of extraordinary leaders is that of humility. Humility may be described as poverty to self or the art of stripping oneself of self recognition or self glory. It is the opposite of pride. It is the opposite of selfishness; it is at the other end of the spectrum, or what one would call selflessness. The leader who exercises the rare quality of humility lives the life of a servant and that is far too seldom void in leadership in our world today. Bear Bryant, the famous coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team said this: "If we do pretty well we say, we did it, if we do exceptional we say, you did it, and if we completely blow it and do very poorly we say, it is my fault!" Bear Bryant exemplified this rare quality of leadership known as humility. To be a person of humility means that one is willing to put others ahead of themselves. It is the rare character trait of self erasing, self-effacing, and self emptying. It is not common to for those in leadership to shun recognition. It is not common to find leaders who serve those who they are leading, and not vice versa. It is rare but it is precious. In this article I would like to suggest that the best leaders are not those who seek the chief seats, or the high ranks, or the place of notoriety, but the best leaders are those who will stoop down and do whatever it takes to lift up those for whom they are called to lead. It is not popular, and it is not how most view leadership but a characteristic of those in the ranks of extraordinary leaders is that of servant hood. The best leaders do what it takes to make their team look good, and this involves serving the team and not being catered to by the team. Extraordinary leaders lead by example and this is that priceless and powerful quality of a servant. The supreme example of this is Jesus Christ. Jesus was the greatest leader, because He was the greatest servant. He lived for the sake of others. There are many examples in the bible but here are just a few. Jesus on one occasion stooped down, girded himself with a towel and washed the feet of His disciples. Jesus died on the cross for the sake of others. Jesus was not crucified for a crime that He had performed, but the all the crimes performs by all of humanity. Jesus was an extraordinary leader because He exemplified the life of extreme humility and servant hood. I have worked for the Federal Government for 7 years. In my Government career I worked four years with the Department of Treasury, one month with the Coast Guard and three years with United Agency for International Development (USAID). Prior to becoming a Civil Servant I spent 15 years in full time ministry and taught Pre Ged for the Community College of Baltimore Extension Education Program. My training and educational background is in education and ministry. My major priorities are my Lord and my family. I consider it a privilege to work for the Federal Government and I take very seriously the responsibility and accountability I have to the citizens of our great country The United States of America. One of my favorites quotes is: Begin with the end in mind! In actuality we should always have the end in mind! These are links to some of my activities on the net: Article Source: