Monday, December 26, 2011

Expert Author Showcase: Carla McNeil

Expert Author Showcase: Carla McNeil:

Meet EzineArticles’ Expert Author Carla McNeil in Today’s Author Showcase

Experts have SO much to do! It can be tough balancing all of the items on your to-do list, clearing your head, and focusing on article writing. That’s why Expert Author Carla McNeil’s approach, while simple, is incredibly successful.

A writing session in Carla’s day begins with a morning walk with her dogs to help her “get out of her head” and focus. Afterward, she will sit in her easy chair with her laptop and write for a solid 15 minutes. “I am not allowed to do anything else,” Carla stated. “If I am not writing, I am doing nothing. No email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – Nothing! There has been an occasion or two where I have sat for a couple of minutes, but usually sooner than later I start writing.”

As a Social Media Expert, whose experience has also provided incredible insight into stress management, motivation, and time management, Carla stated, “I realize what a valuable tool article marketing is in the overall scheme of my business. Not only does it keep me learning, but [it] continues to be a great source for people who are interested in learning about social media or having it managed for them.”

When Carla first started out in article writing, she began writing based on her own experience to solve her own questions and challenges. “I figured other people were probably having the same challenges,” she commented. “[I] thought if my articles could reduce that stress just a little bit, it would be nice.” Currently, Carla’s inspiration for her articles comes from questions submitted by people on social media sites and staying up-to-date with the latest social media trends.

Admitting if she had to do it all over again, Carla remarked she would have strived to get more articles out to her readers more quickly. Why? “Nothing beats getting the feedback that my article helped someone solve a problem,” Carla replied.

5 Tips For Expert Authors

  1. Stay the Course: It’s easy to get distracted, lay down excuses, and more, but the ultimate key to your article writing success: “Perseverance and commitment… Just keep writing,” Carla said.

  2. Schedule: Sticking to a schedule of writing for at least 15 minutes each morning may seem like a chore, but cultivating a routine and eliminating distractions can turn even just 15 minutes into a powerful writing session.

  3. Apply Pressure: Step into success by focusing on the results. Don’t allow yourself to hide behind relationships, responsibilities, and excuses. Apply pressure to learn and grow!

  4. Brainstorm Titles: Create an on-going list of titles to have on hand. These can grow from ideas you develop from reading blogs, articles, books, and more!

  5. Repurpose Articles: Extend the life of your articles by repurposing them into ebooks, programs, videos, and more. “My biggest challenge was realizing that all of the articles I have written can be combined together into ebooks or programs,” Carla state. “And voila I have a product!”

Develop a long-lasting relationship with your readers to increase your credibility and exposure to your website or blog by using Carla’s strategies in your next set of articles. Remember: You are not alone! Your challenges and your inspiration may be your reader’s too. All you need to do is stay the course and continue to challenge yourself to persevere.

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