Saturday, March 5, 2011

Character Does Matter

We learn in the bible, "the powers that be are ordained by God". This means that there is not a power in existence that is not ultimately under the sovereign rule and reign of God. This is interesting because at this very moment we are seeing a tremendous abuse of power throughout our world. This is not a new problem, but because of media and technology it is a more widely known. Corruption of power is exposed on our televisions, our radios, and perhaps the most powerful form of media circulation, the internet. The purpose of this article is not to write from the perspective of a politician, but from the interest of an average citizen seeking to lay out some practical tips to encourage, and remind us of our precious privilege we have in these United States of America, a country that has benefited from the labors of many good political leaders.

It has been said "that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". By absolute power we are referring to a dictatorship, or a form of government akin to socialism. Socialism is a form of government in which the power resides within the government and the citizens are subject to the demands of that government. In such cases the people have little or no say in how the laws and rules are enforced. In the case of a dictatorship this authority or rule lies within the hands of one person, and in many cases this is a very tyrannical form of government. Today we are seeing governments that depict these characteristic and as a result have brought about tremendous havoc to the people that are the under their rule.

Character does matter, and government leaders should be people of character. A government consisting of leaders with characters of integrity and unselfishness will lead the people under their jurisdiction in the way of justice, peace, and wholesome living. In closing please take note of some other character traits that if evident in leadership will not oppress the people but impress the people and make a country great:

Courage-By this we mean authority that does not shrink from doing what is right.
Confidence-This refers to the ability to make unwavering decisions.
Conviction-This is seen when leadership will stand even when the majority disagree.
Commitment-Evident when those who rule will not abandon the job in spite of the severity of the challenge.
Competency-Effectiveness demands that leaders possess the skills and ability to do the job
Consistency-Crucial to this list is that authority must not change even when popular opinion and pressure dictates otherwise.

The powers that be are ordained by God, and God would have those in authority to rule with character such as mentioned above so that the people will support and faithfully follow to the betterment of the entire society..

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