Friday, February 25, 2011

Grabbed by the Nose

Grabbed by the Nose

Good writing I am told has the unique ability to grab the reader by the nose and hold your reader until the article has been completely read. In other words good writing is engaging. But to engage and keep your audience is not an easy task. Good writing in my estimate not only has one riveted to the content, but it is also capable of getting a response or a result.

So here are some nose grabbing tips:

KISS or keep it simple stupid. Now that sounds a bit harsh, but it really is a good ingredient of good writing. Simplicity does not mean writing on a first grade or second grade level necessarily. To be simple is to write so that the material flows in such a way that it is not difficult to follow and the concepts are clear and familiar. Simplicity is a key to good writing. Writing that is simple is easy to remember, share with others, and apply to the life.

Start well and finish strong. This is not just good in athletic competition but this also makes for good writing. There are many good books, and most of the books we read we remember so little of the material that is in those books. However books that begin and end well are books that usually have the greatest impact upon our lives. Have you been grabbed by the nose lately by a book? This is what constitutes a good start! If you read through the book and could not put it down because you were anxious to learn how it would end this is what constitutes finishing strong.

Don't neglect the basics. Good writing will apply the techniques of fundamental writing. These include spelling, grammar, style, and structure. We want to keep it simple, start well and finish well, but we cannot overlook basic writing procedures. This will make writing attractive and it will make it possible to accomplish the other skills necessary to grab the audience by the nose.

Lastly start on point, stay on point, end on point, and be on a mission. Begin with a purpose, develop your purpose and conclude with confidence that your purpose has been accomplished and it will accomplish a result in the reader. To do this writing should not be long and drawn out, and it cannot be so short that it omits important details. If this article has grabbed your nose allow the grip to be released as you apply to your writing these tips: keep it simple, start well and finish well, don't neglect the basics, and stay on point and be on a mission!

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