Monday, December 27, 2010

How to Survive The Recession

Some say that there is indication that the recession is coming to an end, however I still find that the information in this article may prove helpful regardless of the economic picture of our Nation. With this in mind I would like to share five timeless principles that can serve as a blueprint or roadmap that will guide one through the rough seas of a turbulent economy or keep one on course in the calm or steady streams of life. These five timeless principles all begin with the letter “D” and they are: description, diligence, discipline, denial, and destiny. A commitment to the application of these five “D” principles will assure one of survival regardless of the economic conditions.
The first timeless principle is simply a description. In the bible we see the description of the ant and this is a very practical and useful picture that we would do well to apply. We are told in the bible “Go to the ant, sluggard; consider her ways and be wise; who having no guide, overseer, or ruler, provides her food in the summer and gathers her food in the harvest” (Proverbs 6:6-8). We learn that the ant though a small and apparently insignificant creature is wise. They gather in season to store for times when there is lack. They gather enough not just for there household, but for others. We should be so wise that we remember to save for a rainy day. When we get some extra a good principle is to put some away and be prepared for times when we will have to tighten our belts. It times of a recession we may say that we “just barely have enough to survive”, and we do not have an overflow to save. This may be true in many cases but in such cases the principle to learn from this picture is twofold. First we should not waste, but use wisely that which we have, and secondly be willing to help others and at times be humble enough to realize that we may need to be helped by another. We should not feel as though we are alone in difficult times. If we are not recipients of help, we should be willing to be the providers of aide to those in need. It is a circle and the circle like all circles works best when it is not broken, but continues.
The next principle is diligence and I return to the description of the ant who provides for us also an illustration of the importance of diligence. The ant was not a slacker but a worker. I truly believe that if we are diligent in going about our daily work we will survive the recession, regardless of how difficult may be the circumstances. It may be a long haul, and we may have to ride a big wave in a seemingly tumultuous sea, but we should do so with a continuous attitude of diligence in our work. Now some may say that the problem in this recession is that jobs are scarce and many are without work and can not find a job, and this may be true. It is difficult to be without work regardless of the economy and many are looking for work and can not find a job. This is a true picture, but it is also true that there are jobs available and sometimes we may have to settle for a job that may not be our ideal job until a better job comes our way. My encouragement is to get busy and do what you can and keep at it until that better job is made available. It is a lot easier to get a better job if one has any kind of a job, than to get a better job while not working in any kind of Job. Diligence is a principle that will enable one to survive in times of recession.
In times of difficulty it is very easy to get off course and lose our since of direction and purpose. Getting back on course is often very challenging and if this is not rectified it may ultimately lead to disaster. The remedy for this impending catastrophe is discipline and this is our next principle. By discipline I am referring to self control and this involves staying on task, on target, and on a mission! While growing up I was frequently mischievous and got out of line. My parents would apply discipline and I would get back in my lane, which was the path I was to conduct my life under the authority of my parents supervision. The discipline was not pleasant but it was always helpful and as I have grown older I have learned to discipline myself so that I can avoid the pitfalls of life. If we are survive a recession we must be disciplined in our homes, in our work, in our study, disciplined in how we manage our time, disciplined to continue doing the things that will enable one to survive in times of recession.
This next principle may be extremely demanding, but it is necessary if we are to survive a recession and this is denial. I learned this by necessity while growing up, because we never had a lot, yet we always had a sufficient. We were rich in the things that mattered most, and what we did not have we learned to live without. We never felt deprived. We just adjusted and learned that life was just as happy even if we did not possess the things owned by many of the families on TV. In times of recession we can deny ourselves of what may appear to be things that make us happy. Our happiness should not be based on the abundance of things, but on the joy of spending quality time with others. We should ask ourselves are these things we want or are they things that we really need? Do we really need them or can we live without them? When we answer these questions honestly our lives will be richer for we will be able to deny ourselves of things and have more time to give ourselves to others. This will help us to survive in times of recession.
Lastly if we are to survive in times of recession we are to live recognizing that we are people of destiny. This is important because it will enable us to live above a mindset of defeat and despair. Sometime the pressures of a recession have the potential to wear us down, but if we recognize that there is light at the end of the tunnel, we can be confident knowing that things are going to get better. With this attitude we can overcome the worst that a recession may bring. Americans are a resolute people. We have overcome very difficult times and it is because of the strength of the people of this great land. We have fortitude because God has blessed and kept America strong and we can go forth confidently knowing that we will prevail even though we are facing a difficult recession. Destiny is the final tool in our arsenal of keys to surviving a recession and as we apply this principle, along with the others we will survive this recession.

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