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Psalm 16:1-11; The Saints Satisfaction

Psalm 16
Text: Psalm 16:1-11
Title: The Saints Satisfaction
Satisfaction is a major pursuit! We live in a world where people are doing everything under the sun in pursuit of satisfaction! For many satisfaction is simply an idle dream. Why? Let me give you a few reasons:
(1) Once they find that which satisfies the thrill where’s off and they are in the hunt again. The satisfaction is very temporal!
(2) They are looking in the wrong places or to the wrong things
(3) They will never be satisfied because they are not first of all satisfied with themselves or the God that created them

Psalm 16 provides Gods means of satisfaction! So if you want satisfaction I encourage you take in a good dose of Psalm 16. So today we want to look at Psalm 16 and consider this matter of “The Saints Satisfaction”!
Let us pray
Introduction (Bulletin)
Psalm 16 is the first of nine consecutive Psalms which reflect the character of the saint with a heart after God. The messianic and prophetic nature of these Psalms (examples Psalm 16:10, Psalm 17:13, Psalm 22) clearly teach us that their ultimate fulfillment can only be in the Lord Jesus Christ (Psalm 24:10). As we examine Psalm 16 we get a glimpse into the heart of David, the writer of the Psalm, who in spite of a life filled with turbulence, trials and testing longed to obey God and in his obedience to the Lord he would be satisfied. As a believer living in a sin cursed world with sin cursed bodies it is encouraging to realize during this season of Thanksgiving that we too can find satisfaction beyond the temporal pleasures of this world in the Lord Jesus Christ. We outline Psalm 16 describing a path from preservation (16:1) to pleasure (16:11).
The path of preservation (vs. 1 & 2)
The path of preparation (vs. 3)
The path of punishment (vs. 4)
The path of provision (vs. 5)
The path of pleasant places (vs. 6)
The path of precious position (vs. 7 & 8)
The path of prophetic anticipation (vs. 9 &10)
• Prophetic interpretation
• Prophetic application
The path of precious presence (vs. 11)

In studying this Psalm I found a very simple outline and I would like to share that with you:
W. Graham Scroggie’s Outline (The Psalms [Old Tappan, N.J.: Fleming H. Revell
Co., 1973 reprint of 1948 revised edition], 106):
(1) Looking Above (vv. 1-2)
(2) Looking Around (vv. 3-4)
(3) Looking Within (vv. 5-8)
(4) Looking Beyond (vv. 9-11)

In bible school I had an instructor who taught through Psalm 16 using a series of “P” phrases. Now I did not copy his sermon, but there are so many “P” words throughout this Psalm that I could not help but structure my outline using a series of “P” words.
Psalm 16 is also a classic Easter or Resurrection Psalm! I need to pause for just a moment to point out that this Psalm has some direct prophetic references to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and these are very powerful verses. Verses 9 and 10 are powerful and rich verses and I could devote an entire sermon just to these verses but we find a commentary on these verses in Acts 2:22-37. Please read often this powerful preaching of the Apostle Peter which is again an outstanding apostolic declaration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and this truth, this event (the resurrection of Jesus Christ) is what changed the lives of those 12 disciples!

Just a little background
Saul was often trying to kill David. David was often on the run, on one occasion he ran away to the woods, the hills and the fields. David hid there from Saul. 400 men went with David. Saul had 3000 soldiers. Saul was king of Israel. David was God’s anointed King, but Saul was the people’s choice of King. One night Saul and all his men slept. David came near in the night and took some things from Saul. David could have killed Saul but he did not kill Saul. In the morning David told Saul, "It would have been easy for me to kill you but I did not. What have I done wrong? You ran me out my own country. You told me to find other gods. It was during this time that David wrote Psalm 16. We find this background in 1 Samuel 26; particularly note verses 16 through 20.

There are two points that I want to make at the outset in regards to this little background:

1 The inheritance of David. An inheritance is what is passed on to us by another, many times by our parents or another relative. Saul forced David out of his own country. David had an inheritance in his own country. But David had a better inheritance. The LORD was his inheritance. As believers we have an inheritance and it is in Jesus Christ and we don’t have to wait until we die to receive it, we are even now positionally seated in heavenly places with Christ.

2 The God of David. Saul told David to find other gods. But David’s God was the only God! He is the supreme God and beside Him there is no other. God alone is worthy of our worship, and adoration, and may God help us not to ever place any other Gods before Him, and I do not say this loosely because there will be many Gods vying for your allegiance!

Let’s look at the text: The path of preservation (vs. 1 & 2)
Look at verses 1 and 2. David uses three names for God here and this time I will pause to note them. Last time I preached I did not mention these distinctions in my sermon and this was brought up in our life group so I made sure in my preparation this time that I would not just gloss over these names. So there are three names here for Lord in verse one and two. God=El, LORD=Jehovah, and Lord=Adonai. The names again are El short for Eloheim, Jehovah, and Adonai. And names are significant as I mentioned in my last sermon and David is not just throwing out lot of names here just to be poetic or cute. What is he saying?

El or Eloheim is the creator God. This speaks of God in all his power, strength and might. This speaks of the omnipotent all powerful creator God, and David is certainly living in light of this as he opens this Psalm.

Jehovah is the covenant keeping God. The God who enters into agreement with man and that agreement is sealed in Gods very character. The God who could swear by no other, so he swear by who? Himself! (Hebrews 6:13) It is like going to a Notary. If God wanted to have a document notarized He would have to sign it himself, because there is no more credible source than God!

Adonai is the Lord or my Lord! This speaks of the sovereign Lord or King and David certainly is living in light of that and he would declare that truly the one true and everlasting King is the Lord God!

Now I want to bring all three of these names together. We might say that Eloheim is my maker, Jehovah is my mediator, and Adonai is my master, and as David is seeking Gods preservation here is all the protection that he needs, and in the realization of this the saint can have complete confidence and need not fear for no foe can haunt him or daunt him in his path for Gods preservation!

I have been doing a lot of preaching lately! I like to preach, God has gifted me to preach his word! I really feel that when I am preaching I am really in my element! When I am doing what I do for the Government sometimes I feel like I am a fish out of water, yet God has given me grace and the ability to do this, but I have to really work at, but preaching is different, this really is my element! But the challenge in preaching is the more you preach the more intense and focused becomes the accountability and I find myself living what I preach, and sometime almost the next moment and for this we really need the grace of God and we really need your prayers! But God is our preservation and without Him we cannot survive, and neither can you! I know many who if they went through some of the things we in the ministry go through they would come unglued, they simply could not handle it, but we are surviving! By the grace of God, and the prayers the prevailing prayers of saints we are surviving! It also helps to have a good wife, it helps a lot!

We are surviving because God preserves us, He guards, He keeps, He protects, He watches over us! He is the chief shepherd and He shepherds us; as we as under shepherds are to shepherd his sheep! This is where David placed his trust or confidence and this is where we our faith-rest, and we shall not be disappointed!

That is the Path of Preservation, now let’s consider:

The Path of Preparation vs. 3

The Saints are seen living in the light of the Lords Preservation, but they are also living in the light of the Lords Preparation!

It is interesting that David would use the term Saint here because that is a New Testament term for the believer or the child of God. The first occurrence of this word in scripture is in Exodus 3:5 where God speaking to Moses out of the burning bush said to Moses remove your shoes for the ground upon which you stand is holy (set apart ground)! As Christians we are called saints or the “called out” ones, called unto Christ. We are set apart for God! If we are going to live a saintly life there will be constant growing and maturing. We are positionally sainted, but the sanctifying process is ongoing and this is the Path of Preparation!

The psalmist goes on to say we are on the earth and we are excellent and we are his delight. David did not find his comfort in the people of the world but in the people of God! We too must realize that there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors, but the council we receive must come from people who have been prepared by the Spirit of God!

The Path of Preparation, now let’s move on to the Path of Punishment vs. 4

This is the only sad note in this entire Psalm. Those who follow other Gods do so to their own destruction! There is no joy to the wicked! There is pleasure in sin only for a season! There is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of death! He is talking about multiplied sorrows here. This is not anything to sneeze at or take lightly. David knew about the harmful effects of worshipping other Gods and he wanted no part of it. In verse 5 the Lord was His portion!

That brings us to the Path of Provision vs. 5

David had an inheritance and his inheritance was maintained by the Lord! Sometimes some of the biggest family disputes can center around the management or decisions regarding an inheritance. If our inheritance is in the Lord we do not need to be concerned about it! It is well kept! It is well preserved and it will not decay and it will not be stolen or mishandled! The omnipotent God is all we need to preserve and keep our inheritance!

The path of preservation (vs. 1 & 2)
The path of preparation (vs. 3)
The path of punishment (vs. 4)
The path of provision (vs. 5) and now
The path of pleasant places (vs. 6)
What about these lines? I believe he is referring to the dividing lines of his inheritance and he is saying that my land is in a good spot. David was pleased with his inheritance. It was encouraging to him as he marked it off! I think I told you this illustration one day but I will share it here because it is fitting. There was a story told of a rich man who was out looking at his estate and as he spoke with an envious observer he said: As far as you can look this way it all mind, and as far as you can look that way it is all mine, and this way, and that way (North, South, East and West) it is all mine!!! Finally when the young man can get a word in he said how you are fixed this way, pointing upward! This is the issue, how are you fixed this way! How are you fixed with God!
What is the dividing line of your inheritance? I do not have much of an inheritance down here, but I have an inheritance in glory! The lines of my inheritance are in heaven and my bible says we are joint airs with Christ! (Romans 8:16 & 17). We are rich in him! We don’t have time to speak of the inheritance we have in Christ, but it is marvelous!
Now these remaining verses are very powerful so please do not miss this remaining portion of the message!
And we begin with the path of precious position (vs. 7) David praises the Lord for his council. The council came in the form of instruction. So David was instructed by the Lord! The Lord was his teacher! The Lord provided direction! The Lord provided David with guidance but notice David was grateful for this council that guided him in the night seasons. Now it is in the night season that you need council the most. Anyone can council you in the day light, or the good times, but the night season speaks of those times when things are very rough and it is during this time that David received council that enabled him to survive for David had many night seasons!
Listen to this:
Is the midnight closing round you?
Are the shadows dark and long?
Ask Him to come close beside you,
And He'll give you a new, sweet song.
He'll give it and sing it with you;
And when weakness lets it down,
He'll take up the broken cadence,
And blend it with a crown.

And many a rapturous minstrel
Among the sons of light,
Will say of His sweetest music
"I learned it in the night."
And many a rolling anthem,
That fills the Father's home,
Sobbed out its first rehearsal,
In the shade of a darkened room.
George Matheson
At midnight the Apostles sing when in Jail in Acts 16
There is a song that says: God give us a song to sing at midnight, because if we ever needed a song to sing it than! Do you have a song for the night seasons of your life? What are you singing when it is lights out in your life? What are you singing? God give us a song! It my darkest moments I have to go back to some precious hymns that speak to my soul such as:
• Precious Lord take my hand
• Jesus is the sweetest name I know
• Blessed be the name of the Lord
Verse 8 continuing the same point: The path of precious position
I have set the Lord always before me, because...
This is how the psalmist viewed the world. He hath set the Lord always before him, in other words the Lord was the filter grid upon which David viewed the world. The Lord was his eyesav! As David viewed his struggles he viewed it through this lens, and he would not be shaken. As David viewed his battles, he viewed it through this lens and he would not fear. As David viewed his enemies, he would view them through this lens and he would be strengthened for victory. This is why David would tell Goliath “I go in the strength of the Lord”!
May the Lord be the filter grid upon which we view the world! We need not view the world through You Tube or Facebook! We need not view the world through the opinions of the media or the talk show host! May we place the Lord before us and view the world through His perspective. May we keep our mind saturated with the word of God and get the Lords perspective first!
• I purposely do not read the newspaper until I have read the bible.
• I choose not to turn on the radio until I have had my devotions.
• I purposely meet with the Lord before I meet the world. This is the most important part of my day, bar none!
I try to always place the Lord before me in everything; he is my filter grid by which I filter everything else that comes at me!
The path of prophetic anticipation (vs. 9 &10)
• Prophetic interpretation
• Prophetic application
Let me give you this very quickly and simply; first the Prophetic interpretation:
David died and his spirit went to live with God in heaven. He did not go to hell! He did not go to purgatory! What about his physical body in the grave? The remains of his body is in the grave awaiting the resurrection of the dead in Christ (John 5:28 & 29).

Jesus died on the cross but on the 3rd day he rose from the dead! He ascended on high and is now seated at the right hand of the Father, His Father in glory! Neither His body nor his soul saw corruption. His body did not rot in the earth. His spirit went for a short visit into the lower parts of the earth after he died (Ephesians 4:8-10).
• God raised Jesus from the dead
• Our Lord will raise the physical bodies of the saved at His coming

Now the Prophetic application and that brings us to:

Vs. 11, the path of precious presence
These are things sweet to know!
• It is sweet to know that there is satisfaction in Jesus Christ! This is what we have been attempting to convey throughout this message!
• It is sweet to know that in Him He will show us the path of life
• It is sweet to know that in His presence there is fullness of joy
• It is sweet to know that this life is not the end
• It is sweet to know that there precious pleasure awaiting the saints of God and these pleasures are forever more
These are things sweet to know and this is the Saints Satisfaction! Let us pray!

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